10 TV Shows To Watch In June

June has arrived and the heat is turning up. With Summer all but officially in season, you are likely looking for a new obsession to get you through the hotter weather. Well, here are 10 shows you should check this June: Fear The Walking Dead JuneĀ 4th - AMC The spin-off of AMC's hitĀ The Walking Dead… Continue reading 10 TV Shows To Watch In June

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The Handmaid’s Tale: A Review

Imagine a world in which women are infertile and life depends on a select few to carry the ultimate task of bearing the children of the future. How would they be treated? Who would be in power? How would their life be valued in comparison to others? These are questions one might face if we… Continue reading The Handmaid’s Tale: A Review


10 TV Shows To Watch In April

April has arrived, and hopefully everyone was able to pull off a great prank on the 1st. While you are likely enthralled in many shows at this point, The Walking Dead has ended for the season and a massive void has likely left you with a great deal of free time. Here are 10 choices… Continue reading 10 TV Shows To Watch In April