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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Chicago Bears & Jacksonville Jaguars

In continuing the countdown to the 2017 NFL Draft, it is time to cover the next two teams: the Chicago Bears and the Jacksonville Jaguars. For our previous coverage, you can click the link at the bottom of the post. For now, here are my predictions for the Bears and Jaguars.

Chicago Bears

1st Round Picks: #3

Chicago is a team that is now truly invested in rebuilding. After a rough 2016, John Fox allowed Alshon Jeffery to walk, leaving the Bears with only a few pieces to build around. Jay Cutler continues to toe the line to retirement and the defense has been regressing for years. With the addition of a few key starters (CBs Prince Amukamura and Marcus Cooper) and a top 3 pick in this years draft, Chicago will be looking to add a solid piece of the puzzle to hopefully build back to dominance.


Pick #3: DT Johnathan Allen (Alabama)

This may be the safest pick on the draft. Johnathan Allan has the highest floor of all the top five picks, and while he may not be the dominant forces that Garrett or Thomas will likely be, Allen is a sure-fire starter for years to come and a fills the huge holes on the middle of the defensive line. A natural leader and athletic for his size, Allen will be a key cog to build the Chicago defense around.

Jacksonville Jaguars

1st Round Picks: #4

The Jaguars look poised to finally rise from obscurity. As the lesser recognized Florida team, Jacksonville has made excellent moves in recent years to climb up the league. However, last year proved to be a hiccup, as their free agent splurge led to abysmal results and ended with the termination of former HC Gus Bradley. Now with a new head to the team and young players poised to break-out, the Jaguars are looking for a player who can really set them on the path to greatness.


Pick #4: RB Leonard Fournette (LSU)

A talent like Fournette only comes around so often. A rare combination of speed, size, and power, Fournette is drawing comparisons to the legendary Bo Jackson. The man looks like an All-pro with the ability to exploit any defense if they are not tight on their tackling technique. Fournette dazzled many at the Combine and any team would jump at the opportunity to grab him. Jacksonville will benefit from a early run on defensive lineman and end up with the top offensive player in the draft. Even with the struggles of Blake Bortles, Fournetter should be able to open up the defense and allow Jacksonville to employ a far more balanced attack this coming year and beyond.


And those are my picks. For previous analysis, click the link below:

Browns & 49ers – here

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